Cultivating Community

The magic of Grimal Grove is enhanced by the amazing community partners that share in the Groves mission for food security, environmental stewardship and community empowerment.

University of Florida began their first breadfruit post harvest research program in 2023. They are experimenting in prolonging the shelf life of breadfruit which could revolutionize the commercial viability, and making breadfruit the future staple crop of the world. Thanks to Grimal Grove, University of Florida now has local access to begin experimenting with this little known food source.

University of Florida’s Master Gardener Program opens the Grove Saturdays from 9 AM – 12PM for partially guided tours, plant clinics, as well as their container garden program.

Founded in 2011 while Garvey wrecked for the Department of Children and Families. He started a grant called the Growing Hope Initiative, to empower marginalized populations to understand their food system. Growing Hope evolved into a non-profit. I led several programs in South Florida before focusing on helping Garvey “Save the Grimal Grove.”

Growing Hope Initiative leads the community and educational activities at the grove. Donate today:

The Boys and Girls Clubs of the Keys Area, a nonprofit organization in the Florida Keys, have formed a valuable partnership with Grimal Grove. Grimal Grove, a historic property known for its agricultural legacy, provides a unique learning environment for club members. By integrating the grove into their programs, the Boys and Girls Clubs offer children hands-on experiences in agriculture, sustainable farming, and environmental stewardship. Through workshops, field trips, and gardening activities, the children explore tropical fruit trees, learn about cultivation and nutrition, and develop a deeper understanding of the food system. This collaboration nurtures a sense of curiosity, appreciation for nature, and healthy lifestyle choices while empowering the children to become advocates for sustainability and responsible farming practices.

1500 school kids have experienced the magic of the grove!


Growing Hope and SOS (local food pantry and education non profit) partnered to bring school field trips to Grimal Grove. In 2023 four school groups from Key West elementary schools visited the grove and were amazed by the tropical fruits and the environment of the grove.

Over 300 school kids visited the grove this past year. We hope to expand and enhance this partnership to increase the amount of children reached. 

Some of the letters written by students



Trees that Feed Foundation helps to solve global problems of climate change, hunger, poverty and lack of education.


Trees that Feed was founded by Mary and Mike McClaughin in 2008. They support Patrick and the Grimal Grove with breadfruit plants and consultation about developing a breadfruit grove.

Grimal Grove has partnered with Visit the Florida Keys to give back to the community. Through this collaboration, they promote Grimal Grove as a must-visit attraction, highlighting its educational experiences and sustainable farming practices. Visit the Florida Keys actively markets the grove, emphasizing its role in preserving the agricultural heritage of the Keys. Together, they organize guided tours and workshops, fostering awareness of sustainable agriculture and supporting the local community. This partnership contributes to the promotion of tourism in the Florida Keys while giving back to the community through education and eco-friendly practices.

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